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Vaulting Ambition

As you may have read in the About page, based on my current situation, I have decided that I need a Master’s degree. This decision is based on a few different factors:

1) I would like to know more about certain aspects of theater and teaching methods in order to be a better teacher;

2) I would like to have more gravitas with some of the parents I have to deal with;

3) I would like to have more flexibility if and when I need to seek another job;

4) I would really feel like a slacker if my wife completes an MBA and a PhD before I do any postgrad work at all.

After some research, I have decided that CWU’s Summer Institute for Theater Arts is the way to go – the classes sound awesome, the price is right, and there isn’t a ridiculous amount of “research” involved. After doing some number crunching, I have determined that my first summer, including three days of travel each way, food, 37 nights of lodging, books, tuition and fees will be about $7,350. The program consists of three summers, followed by a project that I need to fly someone down to see (at my expense, of course). For those of you keeping score at home, that means I can theoretically earn an MA for somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000. Not what I call cheap, but also not exorbitant, either.

Hello, Mr. Fafsa!


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