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My Thoughts on Casting

A wise man once told me “directing is just correcting the mistakes you made when you cast the show.” This fits neatly into an observation I made early on in my career: there are many directors who are amazing at the nuts and bolts of directing. My own directing mentor, David Feldshuh, is a perfect […]

A Brave Move

The title of this posting refers not to myself, but rather to my theatrical parents, Dave and Susie Couch, proprietors of the Circle Bar B Dinner Theatre and some of the few people I know with the brass cajones to run a for-profit theater. No grants, no school tours, no fundraisers; it’s capitalism and theater […]

Getting the band back together

Okay, so now it’s time to introduce you to project number one: the day job. As I mentioned in the About page, I teach drama at a local independent school. One of the associated duties with such an illustrious appointment is the undertaking of a musical every spring. I admit, I had mixed feelings regarding […]